English Conversation Club su YouTube!

Lo sapevate che ECC ha un suo canale YouTube dove sono presenti 21 lezioni di inglese completamente gratuite.

Vieni a scoprirle ed inscriviti al canale!

Stephen Murrell worked in higher education in the UK before teaching English as a foreign language in Greece and Italy.

He founded the English Conversation Club in the 1980s to teach languages in an entertaining way.

He wrote and administered the English courses used by the Italian national railways to teach train commuters travelling to work and wrote the ‘edutainment courses’, English courses that entertained for passengers on Costa Cruises, Festival Cruises and guests of Touring Club Italia. He has published various DVDs for the Digital Press and Cambridge University Press. He has done a lot of work on Maritime English and created the only officially recognised exam for the International Maritime Organisations’ Standard Marine Communication Phrases’. He writes and teaches English for the English Conversation Club in Genova Italy and on line across the world.

Alice Berry was an entertainer writing and appearing in shows across the world (She appeared in the opening ceremony for the London Olympics in 2012). She settled in Genova where she writes and teaches English

Dave Valentino is an independent film maker based in Genova. He produces videos for commercial companies. For enquires: trashism@live.com