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The programmes for corporate English courses are based on an analysis of the company’s needs and answer the following questions:

  • What the company requires its employees to learn
  • What the student wants to learn
  • We measure the student’s language proficiency level
  • The programme is agreed with the student and is based on the student’s knowledge and test results.
  • Report to the company on the results obtained
  • Regular tests that provide a check on the progress of the course

Individual or group English lessons

ECC provides corporate English and training courses for some of the world’s largest blue chip companies.

All our courses are customised.

Most schools have a standard course that is offered to corporate clients, but this proposal is inadequate. Students learn less and companies spend more. Standard courses require standard knowledge (talking about family, introducing a friend, etc.) and these skills usually do not match the company’s needs. Thus, students are demotivated from learning something they do not perceive as useful.

This does not happen with English Conversation Club courses thanks to the Communicative Method.

We can create dedicated courses for your business, be it Legal English, Medical English or the English you need!

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