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Thanks to a completely original method, English Conversation Club’s English courses take advantage of the most unusual opportunities to teach the language thanks to native speakers qualified in the communicative method. Edutainment, teaching while having fun, has become a driving force in tourism, with companies like Costa, and in education, with organisations like Disney.

We collaborate with public and public schools with which we can offer various types of agreements to have teachers in school either to teach independently or as mother tongue teachers in co-presence in English courses.

The Comunicative Method


It is based on the idea that language learning occurs successfully through the communication of real meaning. When learners are involved in a real conversation, they are led to use their natural information acquisition strategies, which leads them to learn a new language.

The communicative method emphasises the ability to communicate the message based on its meaning, instead of focusing exclusively on grammatical perfection.

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English conversation club began by teaching English on trains. The idea was to give commuters a chance to improve their English. The commuters were tired so the lessons had to be fun to wake the students up; as a result, we were invited to organise courses to entertain passengers on Costa Cruises. The first experimental course was a week in the Mediterranean. The English conversation club (our teaching division) jumped on board with their teachers in bowler hats and dark suits. The experiment continued for seven months a year for eight years in the Mediterranean, in the Caribbean and on ocean liners, with passenger participation reaching 400 people a day. Costa passengers liked to entertain in English, it was considered as alternative entertainment.

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