11 to 18 years old

Summer and Exchange Programme

Summer programme & exchange programme

Summer Programme

SUMMER PROGRAMME: 2 weeks of study and fun with English escort from Italy for a real FULL IMMERSION.

Included in the price: daily lessons, excursions, activity programme and accommodation with host family/college (full board). NOT including flight*.

Groups travel to each destination accompanied by one of our staff members.

  • Our programmes give students the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the language of their chosen country, 24 hours a day;
  • We offer destinations all over the world;
  • Students study at a recognised language school and attend general English courses;
  • We organise your stay with, a host family or residence;
  • Group tours: all study holidays offer various opportunities for leisure and group activities to make international friends
  • Study holidays are designed for each student, according to their specific needs. Contact us if you are interested, to discuss your needs!

Cost: Rates from €1,600 all inclusive!


EXCHANGE PROGRAMME: exchange between young people of the same age (11-18) and gender with homestay accommodation in Ireland, Spain, France and Germany.

The host family

– Before registering for the summer programme, the student will know which school he or she will be attending and will know the host family in advance. He/she can already get in touch with the host family and arrange a Skype call.
– The Italian family is free to visit their child whenever they wish. As an agency, we think it is not right to limit the meetings with their children and we leave the parents the freedom to decide.
– The curriculum is important! The student can study both the subjects of his or her high school/college and those he or she would like to follow at university, and he or she can also involve his or her teachers in the choice. It should be borne in mind that syllabuses and subjects may differ from Italian ones.

“The English Conversation Club in Genoa gives the opportunity to learn English while having fun and playing sport” Daily News Travel


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