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With over 30 years of experience, ECC is considered the most original and avant-garde school due to its unprecedented initiatives

Domenico Sorrentino

My son Luca has spent his 4th year at Collyer’s College, Horsham, UK as an exchange student in 2018/19. The college and staff were really helpful and well motivating. Collyer’s outstanding ofsted reputation is well worth of. His host family has proved to be a new family for him and we all started a precious friendship since then. Thank you Stephen, Rita and all the ECC staff to let it happen. 👏👏👏 Grazie ECC per l’immenso lavoro e la professionalità

Chia Lomu

Super prepared teachers who help you with everything! I had to refresh my grammar and conversation a bit and thanks to a very nice and kind native speaker I caught up in no time! They brushed up my English and helped me with tips to get the best start to my new life in London! Super knowledgeable teachers who help you with everything! I needed to brush up on my grammar and conversation a bit and thanks to a very nice and kind native speaker I caught up in no time! They brushed up my English and helped me with advice so that I could get the best possible start to my new life in London! Fantastic

Andrea Tassistro

Extraordinary. An agency capable of opening its doors to all students who wish to expatriate and launch themselves towards an international perspective, GUIDED WITH CONFIDENCE. Rita, Ellen and the legendary Stephen... an amazing team, a family-run agency that is perfectly suited to this kind of project, the British dad, the French-Italian mum and obviously the BILINGUAL children 🙂 If you visit marrazontheroad (the blog I started when I left) you can read my travel diary, a chronicle of a 10-month experience in an ultra-modern school in the healthy Irish countryside, where I gained my 4th grade. ECC is the right way to get to a foreign country without shelling out thousands of euros, thanks to funds provided by the European Union. You choose the destination and they will do the rest! Fabulous family, very helpful headmaster and always in contact with the agency, whose phone always rings free.

Elisabetta Carone

Thanks to English Conversation Club I had a wonderful experience abroad (2 years in Ireland) which allowed me to improve my command of English and grow as a person. I was always offered help whenever a problem arose, even after the end of my exchange period. In fact, I also had a lot of advice and availability regarding my study path after high school, and I now study European Studies at Maastricht University, where I am doing really well. Absolutely recommended! 🙂

Sara La Placa

Five stars are few for the experience that English Conversation Club gave me the opportunity to live in Ireland for not one but two years! The family they chose for me made me feel at home from the very first day and thanks to them and the school my English has improved so much.... it was an experience that really changed and matured me immensely, now I feel Ireland like a second home... I can never thank you enough!

Federica Speranza

My son Giovanni spent 2 years in Ireland thanks to them: a wonderful family, a great school experience, and he went on many other study holidays with Rita and Steve's club: Edinburgh, several times and Cornwall. He always came back enthusiastic, despite the very different customs, habits and especially the food! It's an enriching experience: it makes them come back better not only in English, knowing that knowing other cultures helps to grow! Thank you

Marco Mariotti

Reliable agency, very professional, available even on holidays and attentive to the needs of the children. It provides excellent assistance in the host country, as well as with the family and the school, with social workers. punctual in finding the necessary documentation for the Italian school ..., in short, an agency that makes this experience unique and unforgettable!!!

Matteo Ribassi

Margherita left in September with the intention of staying only until December. Having got on very well, she decided to stay until June. This was made possible thanks to the efforts of the English Conversation Club agency, which made itself available to solve all the practical and bureaucratic problems. The selection of the host family was perfect. We had the pleasure of meeting them and we were really satisfied. We can only be grateful to the English Conversation Club.

Competence, professionalism! They are really great my daughter had a great time with them. They teach in an impeccable manner again thank you etc!!! Now Nicole can speak English thanks to you! always grateful!

Paola Odello

Nicoletta Giacalone

My daughter Chiara left at the end of August for Ireland where she spent a four-month term in Galway/Athenry. We put our trust in English Conversation Club and I must say that our trust was repaid. Rita was able to reassure us even when 15 days before departure we had to change the host family due to a problem. The choice of the family was excellent, we had the pleasure of meeting them and I would say that we couldn't have hoped for better. For Chiara it was definitely a unique and unforgettable experience. Thank you English Conversation.

Ilaria Caruso

A great opportunity for our kids who want to study abroad, I am so happy that I chose English Conversation Club for my son who is doing his fourth year at a prestigious college in the UK at a super good price, I recommend it to everyone!

Vittorio Guerrieri

My experience with the club, which started two years ago with the intention of staying in Ireland for four months, has proved perfect for my needs and has given me a lot. For the cost it has, derisory compared to the vast majority of agencies, what it offers is just the essentials, but more than enough: a connection with a host family, with a school (with a fairly varied range to choose from) and information on living in the place. I then found the subsequent communication with the agency quite prompt and effective, especially in the case of emergencies. There was, however, often a lack of basic seriousness, which, in my case, had no bearing on the experience. I have now been in Ireland for two years and the agency allows me to continue the experience privately, restricting the costs to family and school only. I am definitely satisfied with my choice.

Matteo Braschi

Fantastic experience . Rita and her staff: perfect, serious, helpful, great support. My son had to stay 3 months in Gosport for the exchange of the 4th High School, he asked to extend to 6 months! The English family found by English Conversation came to visit us last summer, and my son who is now studying at university in a nearby city often hears from them and visits them. Very good organisation . I would recommend English Conversation to anyone who wants to have such an experience.

Diego Rubiera

With this school, I have had the opportunity to travel around the United Kingdom and above all to improve my level of English, allowing me to study in Scotland today despite having started from a basic level not more than a year and a half ago, which is when I began this experience with the English Conversation Club. I recommend this agency to everyone both for the teachers, who have always been helpful to me and extremely knowledgeable, and for the opportunities it offers to study abroad in countries such as England, Scotland and Ireland.

Stefano Cademorti

Preparation for TOEFL certification extremely effective. I needed to get 90/120 but thanks to their preparation I got a magnificent 101. Great availability and incredible competence.

Carola Ottaggio

Serious agency that selects serious families in order to make unforgettable and educational stays in every aspect for our kids!!! ECC you are unique! thank you for being there for us and making this possible!

Marta Pascucci

Great school, great method first and foremost, friendly and polite staff! Highly recommended.

Alessandra Figari

i would recommend the school period abroad. even though the time is difficult now, my son is having a wonderful experience thanks to English Conversation Club. the organisation of everything was perfect, the kindness and attention to the boy's personal needs and also the support during his stay.

Laura Marchesi

My experience with ECC was super-positive in every respect. Thanks to them, my son spent two years in England, at the end of which he obtained an 'English Matura'. At ECC I found competence, helpfulness, kindness and a lot of sympathy.

Alessandra Picilocco

Just four words professionalism , courtesy , friendliness , total availability .

Alberto Virgili

A fantastic school in a family environment. I improved my English thanks to very knowledgeable and also nice native speakers. Highly recommended.

Giulia Etta

Good, trained teachers help you improve your English. If you want to have an experience abroad, there is no better school to turn to than this one. Congratulations

John Cunningham

It is a well run and organised . Rita is very easy to deal with. It the students first.

Francesco Lozza

A nice English school with excellent native speakers and friendly staff, it was very helpful for me to improve with the language, thank you!

Simona Pelizza

Thank you very much 😊 for your helpfulness and expertise, you are a great help. My daughter is doing the school year in Edinburgh and she is doing great both as a school and as a family so she has already decided to extend to next year as well. Thank you ECC!

Giusy Feola

Outstanding, competent and impeccable staff throughout my experience in Ireland. From the first to the last day super attentive and friendly, thank you!

Briomar Gex

After hearing (good) things about it from colleagues, I decided to try the English Conversation Club for language courses abroad. My eldest son has been on study holidays in England for a few years and has always enjoyed it so much that he convinced his younger brother to try it too. Family life is an experience that must be had if you want to improve your language skills. The on-site assistance from ECC was excellent, as were the courses in the English schools.

Camilla Arscone

I attended ECC for the whole year, and they were great. The English lessons were fun and challenging. The more time went by, the more I realised that I was improving. The teachers are extraordinarily competent, because they are able to make you feel at ease even when they have to point out a few mistakes. The environment in general is very comfortable, almost familiar. I don't think I could have learned what I know now without them. I don't even think I have thanked them enough. Thank you. For everything.

Ornella Fontanella

My daughter Federica spent a term in Dublin as a beneficiary of the Itaca Programme scholarship. We relied on the experience of the English Conversation Club to live this beautiful adventure and, without a doubt, the trust placed in this agency was amply repaid...the agency was always available to deal with and dispel the thousands of doubts and to solve any problems, problems which, to tell the truth, there were none. Special praise goes to the host mum who was able to welcome and follow Federica like a daughter, immediately putting her at ease and making her feel an integral part of her family. Surely this experience is a great opportunity for personal growth, so I would recommend it and wish it to all young students.

Pira Marinella

My son is one of these fantastic guys who left on the 31st of August to do his baccalaureate in Southampton, yes because he will stay for 2 years!!! I must say it was easy for us because we were followed and advised by your fantastic Agency!!! Surely it will be a great experience.... Southampton is very nice and on a human scale.... so far so good! Thanks again to Rita Scontrino for her patience... I killed her with all kinds of questions at all hours! But she was always patient and exhaustive! Good luck to all the guys!!!

Alessia Pavia

My son decided to spend his 4th year of high school in Edinburgh with the support of ECC and is having a very positive experience. During the initial stages of the organisation, the agency proposed a number of schools and helped us choose the one best suited to our needs. The choice was excellent and despite the obvious difficulties related to the current health situation, the school organisation is fully satisfactory. An element that makes the experience even more positive is certainly the family assigned to us who, with years of experience in welcoming children, besides being extremely hospitable really knows how to handle young students. All absolutely very positive.

Roberto Maria Tassari

Excellent agency that listens, evaluates, advises. Rita's professionalism (and helpfulness!) are commendable. Thanks also to all the staff at English Conversation Club.

Monica Cipriani

Highly experienced professionals. Serious, reliable, welcoming, always up-to-date, with solutions tailored to the client's needs, whether child, teenager or professional. Dynamic, professional, yet familiar environment. Bravo!