Official Toefl Certification Test Centre: Ecc regularly conducts examinations throughout the year. The centre is open to all candidates, not just students at the school.

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TOEFL (an acronym for Test Of English As A Foreign Language) is a very important certification required both in Italy and abroad, obtained through an examination that measures the language skills of students who are not native speakers of English.

The Toefl Certificate is not only required by many companies, but also by foreign colleges and universities, such as those in the United States, Canada or England, where lessons are obviously conducted in English. The Toefl Certificate is also required by government agencies and international bodies.

Together with the Ielts exam, the Toefl is one of the most important and widely used tests in the world for assessing the level of proficiency in English as an L2.

Official Toefl Certification Test Centre: ECC conducts regular examinations throughout the year. the centre is open to all candidates, not just students from the school.

All our teachers have extensive experience in preparing students for the Toefl Certificate.

Lessons include the development of listening, reading, writing and speaking skills.

Students who choose our “Always Open” programme can attend classes 7 days a week from 6 a.m. to midnight or via Skype.

English Conversation Club is an official examination center for English certifications in Genoa such as TOEFL, Trinity, Oxford English Test.
ECC is the most innovative and original language school in Italy.
Our method is based on conversation and originates from the first courses held in England, starting in the 1980s.

Invest in your future and prepare for the language certifications you want.
In our school you will not only find certifications and conversation courses in English! We offer courses with native speakers in Spanish, German, French, Italian for foreigners, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese and Arabic, together with High School Program packages for study periods abroad (quarter, semester or full year abroad) and we organize study holidays in Europe and the United States.