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Training for seafarers

ECC is one of the world's leading providers of English courses for seafarers

Genoa is a centre of excellence for maritime training. Indeed, La Superba boasts an extensive network of state-owned training centres, dedicated to all types of workers for the industry. Most shipping companies have their offices in Genoa. That is why our English courses for seafarers are held here.

Our strengths?

  • Field experience for staff in training with large shipping companies;
  • Genoa is a shipping and cruise port in the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean basin is the second largest cruise destination in the world. An ideal place to look for or train staff for cruises and ships;
  • ECC organises English courses for seafarers for some of the world’s leading shipping companies (including teaching and testing the SMCP).

The 4 reasons why shipping chooses ECC

1) Humanistic training methodology

2) Genoa is a maritime training centre of worldwide excellence

3) EU funding for companies: ECC organised 300,000 hours of EU-funded English courses for seafarers for various companies

4) We have organised vocational humanities training courses on board and ashore all over the world.

Different types of training for seafarers

English Conversation Club has organised and participated in many types of training for seafarers. These include:

  • Safety on Ships
  • Bridge personnel management
  • Machinists in refrigeration plants
  • Waiters, stewards, cooks
  • Stewards
  • Front desk staff
  • Bartenders
  • Animation team
  • Cabin staff
  • Officers
  • Machinists
  • Excursion staff
  • Reception staff
  • Security Officers

It is based on the idea that language learning occurs successfully through the communication of real meaning. When students are involved in a real conversation, they are led to use their natural information acquisition strategies, which leads them to learn a new language.

The communicative method emphasises the ability to communicate the message based on its meaning, instead of focusing exclusively on grammatical perfection.

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