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Volunteering to help local communities is an interesting alternative to simply attending a language course.

Imparare l'inglese col volontariato in paesi anglofoni con ECC

English Conversation Club is in contact with associations all over the world that are looking for volunteers. One can spend from three weeks up to a year helping with different projects.

There are no language courses, but participants will have the opportunity to be in contact with native English speakers all day long. These projects can include anything from helping to organise festivals, working on farms, whale-watching and helping children with disabilities.

Some choose volunteering to enrich their Curriculum.


English Conversation Club will try to match students to projects taking into account their interests.


By choosing volunteering, participants learn and improve their English and learn about a different culture in an unusual and inexpensive way.

Are you interested? Write an e-mail to ecc@englishconversationclub.info or call us on 010540964 3336654078


Imparare l'inglese col volontariato in paesi anglofoni con ECC

How to volunteer?

  • Contact ECC for an interview lasting approximately 20 minutes to discuss destinations and projects (in-house or over the phone). We will test your English to see what skills you have and propose suitable projects for you.
  • Deposit the application fee of €150.
    English Conversation Club will prepare the application and arrange accommodation (the deposit will be returned if the application is not accepted).
  • Una volta che lo studente verrà accettato, dovrà essere versato il saldo del costo della quota d’iscrizione*.
    Il costo dipenderà dal progetto. Alcuni progetti, ad esempio, prevedono anche una sistemazione e un salario.
    Gli alloggi possono costare tra i €20 ai €25 a notte per pensione completa.

*The registration fee is €250, payable in two instalments.

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